Practice Startup

Start out ahead.

Starting your own practice is hard enough without the worry of all the paperwork. From hospitals to Medicare, Medicaid, and every insurance company imaginable, this administrative work can bog down the process. Allow Steadfast to take care of that headache. Get paid faster! 

  • Payer Credentialing

Practitioners can easily lose money by drowning in paperwork without the help of practice solutions experts. Steadfast will make sure you get paid what you’re owed, on time.

  • Hospital Privileges

Physicians can spend enormous amounts of time and energy filling out piles of paperwork and applications and gathering all of the correct and complete information to obtain their hospital privileges. Steadfast will eliminate any room for error and take the workload off your shoulders.

  • EMR Implementation

This is one of the biggest decisions a practice can make. Delegating EMR Implementation to a seasoned professional with  a full understanding of your practices’ departments, scheduling, charting, billing, along with front and back office is vital.

  • ERA/EFT Enrollment

So many payers, so many different vendors for the enrollments processes. It is virtually impossible to navigate through all the payers when you’ve got a full plate. Let us help.
  • Staffing Support

Our team can assist with selecting, onboarding, and training the best people for your practice. 

  • Accounts Payable

Get what you’re owed. Steadfast will work to make sure that you get what you pay for from your vendors and get the best pricing. 

  • Payroll Processing

Don’t have need for an office manager just yet? It’s an added expense to oversee staff who would process payroll. Let our trusted professionals help.