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Steadfast Practice Solutions empowers medical practices to improve and enhance their processes, leading to increased efficiency and profitability over the long term.

Our approach is rooted in the belief that with the right administrative support, practices can and deserve to dedicate their time to doing what they do best – serving their patients. Our team is dedicated to enhancing medical billing processes and empowering practices to reclaim what is theirs – all in the best interest of their practice and beloved patients.

Eliminate the hassle, stress, and frustration that comes with practice management and let our experts handle it for you.

Brandy Patterson, 

Brandy PattersonBrandy Patterson is the Founder and President of Steadfast Practice Solutions. With over 23 years of experience in healthcare operations, Brandy is passionate about supporting practitioners, professionals, and patients alike. She attributes her knowledge and success to years of mentorship from people who helped instill in her the values, skills and expertise necessary to make a positive financial difference for the clients she serves. 

By gaining leadership experience in roles such as Billing Manager, Senior Director, and Practice Director, Brandy has evolved to become a revenue cycle expert, working to streamline administrative processes with a patient-first approach. She believes that when healthcare practices have the administrative infrastructure to be operationally efficient and financially effective, they are best suited to serve their patients, ultimately contributing to happier and healthier communities.

Brandy’s ideals support her business philosophy, but when it comes to serving clients she is all about the numbers. In her position as Practice Director at a local Pain Clinic, Brandy implemented an auditing system that contributed to the increase of A/R collections by 275% and to the achievement of nearly 100% clean claims in 9 months. Additionally, she helped increase patient volumes 15% by streamlining the check-in process, while aiding in the decrease of overhead costs by 7% via a complete overhaul of the supply chain process. 

In her role as Senior Director of Revenue Cycle Management at a local Urology practice, Brandy helped launch business operations from the ground up. Over a span of eight years, she helped grow the business from a single-specialty, single-location practice to a multi-specialty health system with locations across the state of Georgia. Additionally, through cost-effective solutions, strategic negotiation with payers, and effective staff training, she also helped open Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Anesthesia, and Ancillary Services, adding to her breadth of experience in the industry.

The trust instilled in Brandy by her clients means everything to her. Her collaborative and forward-thinking nature propels her success and influences her actions. Through her leadership role at Steadfast Practice Solutions, Brandy is intent on helping your practice get paid what you’re owed, so you can get back to doing what you do best – serving your patients.