Additional Services

Reduce your admin duties.

In addition to our Medical Billing and Practice Startup solutions, Steadfast offers enhanced services. We can guide you with any administrative or billing functions that contribute to the capture, management, and improvement of your practice.  

  • Coding and Chart Documentation Review

The retrospective chart review, also known as a medical record review, is a must for every practice. Coding and documentation audits are appropriate for all providers, and our team is here to take care of all of it.

  • Payer Contract Negotiations

Our solutions allow your healthcare organization to model thousands of various reimbursement combinations to understand the impact of the proposed payer contractual terms on your bottom line.

  • Fee Schedule / Payment Review

Fee schedules get outdated just like coding, and Steadfast will make sure every aspect of this process is up to date. Payers update their fee schedules for current and new CPT codes.  

  • Marketing

Let us help your practice increase its visibility. Boost New Patient volume.